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What to Expect 

What to Expect in a Reiki Session

  • Arrive for your Reiki session dressed comfortably, be prepared to remove your shoes and for added comfort you may wish to remove chunky jewelry, belt, glasses, etc to be as comfortable as possible during your session.

  • The most common session of Reiki is with the client laying flat on their back, so a hairstyle free of hair accessories is recommended.

  • Your practitioner will conduct a short interview before the session to learn how you are feeling and answer questions you may have about Reiki.

  • Prior to your arrival the Reiki room will have been treated with a variety of aroma therapy options in preparation for your arrival. Although no product will be applied directly to your body/skin your sense of smell will be apart of the session as essential oils, special incenses and the burning of sage (or some combination) will be a part of your session. ***If you have any sensitivities to smells, for your best session, we request you notify the Reiki practitioner directly at least 24-hours prior to your session via email at:

  • Additional tools your practitioner may use during your session include laying on of crystals.

  • Conversation is likely and welcomed throughout the session, however you will likely find yourself in a very quiet place within yourself as Reiki can be similar to a meditative experience.

  • When the session is over, your practitioner will gently voice the session is complete and allow you a moment to gather yourself as you sit up on the table. Your practitioner will ask how you are feeling and discuss future treatments as needed once you are ready to talk.

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