Express Reiki

Feeling like you need a break
but your schedule is too full?
Give yourself 30 minutes to unwind with Reiki. This Japanese born technique is useful for stress reduction and deep relaxation through light hands-on touch.
Lay comfortably clothed, shoes off and give your mind, body
and soul a reboot.



Chakra Balancing Reiki

A traditional 60 minute Reiki session allows time for all basic hand positions working from head to toe including chakra work. This Japanese energy technique encourages a calming of the body and a clarity of mind and emotion through light hands-on touch. A session will assist you in feeling renewed and bring you to a place of balance so you can get back to being present in your life.  


New Client Reiki

This 75 minute introduction allows time for a 30-45 minute hands-on Reiki session
to include all basic hand positions working from head to toe, chakra work, and/or giving attention to any area of concern you may have.


This session is for first time Reiki clients with extra time allocated for introductory discussion about this ancient Japanese energy technique.
You will leave this appointment with a better understanding and knowing if Reiki is for you.

Long Distance Reiki

This option is for those who are unable to schedule a face to face session and scheduling will need to be arranged with me directly.


Once a time has been agreed upon I will connect with you empathically, giving you a 30 minute energetic Reiki boost.
I will then share what information was received during the long distance session via email or phone. This session will be a total of 60 minutes and payment will be accepted prior to session time via an emailed PayPal invoice.

Angel Tarot Readings

I am a Certified Angel Card Readerâ„¢
by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


This simple card reading will offer you an enlightened message for this moment in your life. This service may be done in person or remotely, however all scheduling must be arranged with me directly at this time. Payment for remote services will be accepted prior to session time via an emailed PayPal invoice.