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Conditions Supported with Reiki Treatment

• Stress
• Anxiety

• Fatigue
• Emotional release
• Headaches
• Vertigo
• Neuropathy
• Auto-immune disorders

• Sinusitis
• Muscle aches
• Sprains

• Feeling off or not like yourself
• Pre and Post Surgery
• Spiritual Awareness

• Feeling Heavy or Off Balanced
• Meditation

• Chakra Balancing...and more.

What to Expect in a Session

In person, Reiki is administered by “laying on of hands” through a light touch or sometime treatment calls for placing hands just above the body.

Because Reiki is a practice of “energy”, with the permission of the receiver, it can be sent long distance with a noted level of effectiveness. My personal experience with long distance seems most effective with a set time for the transferring of energy as well as a before and after consultation with the receiver

Is Reiki Right for Me?

If the mystic world speaks to you, you will appreciate the deep connectivity you will experience within as you are energetically supported through a meditative state as the practitioner scans your body and chakra system for imbalances.

❖If the world of science is your nature then you will understand the endocrine system is one of the main physical communicators in the human body, and it works along side with our autonomic nervous system to help maintain optimum health. Reiki helps to calm on a cellular level so the body can do what it was created to do and that is regenerate itself.

❖If you are someone who just wants to feel relaxed, grounded and reconnected to your body, your life and your surroundings then Reiki can assist you on this path. It is gentle. It is peaceful. It helps to lift the fog of life allowing the receiver to see what the next step should be.

❖ Seek out Reiki whenever you feel it is time. If you are experiencing chronic or acute physical pain due to injury or post operation, Reiki assists through helping the receiver to relax so the body can focus on the injured area of the body. Reiki is about feeling. Reiki is about connecting with yourself. Reiki is about releasing what you have been carrying around with you that no longer serves you. Reiki is about helping yourself. When we feel good, we are better to the people in our lives. If you cup is empty and you are still attempting to serve others it is time to serve yourself.

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