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~ A Message for the Mass Consciousness ~

All of humanity has been getting a bit of a hard push to look at their wellbeing, their safety, their survival… fight or flight has been kicked into overdrive.

A truth is your higher-self, your soul-self has been asking you to step out of fear and into love. To remember you are directly influencing your own experience. You have lived enough lives to now awaken to your whole-self.

You are ready to choose. Will you make a choice to move forward from your truth, because you “know” without any other’s influence of what your truth is? Or will you continue down the path of another's? The choice is yours and only yours, unless your boundaries include outside experts who have no investment in your successes. This is a time of endings.

Know you are the one who is in direct co-creation of what you see, hear, feel, experience… this is your life. You are safe to choose what is best for you even if your best choice may apear in opposition of the popular choice. A Universal Law… “what you sow, you reap”.

Cosmic alignments are supporting you now to step into “self-mastery, self-sufficiency, independence, security and the art of enjoying what you’ve strived for”. You have completed and arrived at this mastery over lifetimes. You are ready, however your free will is always at the driver’s wheel in your life.

“You’ve earned” this success! As the card says… “Choose Wisely” because you are safe and you have everything already within you. Trust you!

be present. speak from your heart.

Blessing of peace, light & love to you ~ Tina of SacredHeartSerenity


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