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What is Reiki?

Updated: May 25, 2021

Reiki, a high vibrational energy bodywork, is Japanese in origin and means “universal life force energy” similar in reference to “prana" flow when practicing yoga. While it has been known to increase the receivers awareness of their own belief of higher self and spiritual connection, Reiki is not affiliated with any religion. An in-person session is conducted via “laying on of hands” through light touch.

A single session will assist you to know whether this tool is one for your box or not. Reiki is peaceful, gentle and loving. This energy creates a space of calm awareness for the receiver similar to that of meditation, the relaxation of a massage or the inspiration of a walk in nature. Energy work, conducted with the intention for your highest good through the energetic flow of unconditional love, offers a space within self to explore your connection to the creator of all things.

be present. speak from your heart.

Blessing of peace, light & love to you ~ Tina of SacredHeartSerenity

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